Around this time last year, the #MPTA or My Personal Twitter Awards really took off – thanking those who had made a difference to your own PLN in the previous year.

This morning, this tweet from @HealthyToolkit caught my eye…

So, without any further ado, here is my list of Top 10 Tweeters who influence, inspire, guide, lift and help, not just in 2017, but throughout my teaching career to date (and hopefully into my future…)

  1. @ChrisDysonHT – There is little else to say about Chris that cannot be gleaned by either reading his Twitter feed, reading his school’s OFSTED report or meeting the man in person.  Quite simply he is force of nature, willing to leave no stone unturned to help the children in his charge.  I’d move to Leeds to send my children to his school…
  2. @FlyMyGeekFlag – Sarah Bedwell is an incredible lady.  After meeting up at #NorthernRocks this year she invited me to take part in her own conference, #LeadLearnLancs.  Always willing to help anyone in need, she personifies the reasons I recommend Twitter to all teachers.
  3. @smithsmm – Singlehandedly made me rethink the way I think about books in my classroom.  Thanks to his sage words at #LeadLearnLancs I am using picture books to inspire and engage my Y4 class and improve their comprehension skills.  Amazon must be able to track where Simon has been speaking by the increase in orders they surely receive!
  4. @honeypisquared – Lucy is another big Twitter character.  Her willingness to engage on a variety of topics, sometimes in a way to challenge the established thinking, both entertains and helps me to frame my thoughts on occasion.  I haven’t bought a copy of Flip The System yet but it is next on my list after the holidays.
  5. @isright – Mike is a training machine.  There’s no way he manages to be a Y6 teacher and do so much training, he must just not sleep.  Another Twitter person I met in real life this year and he continues his own Scouse brand of cajoling and scolding those in the #RRT massive who fall below his own standards (all of us!).  After I broke my foot training for the Great North Run his advice and guidance meant I was able to complete my first ever (and maybe not my last) half-marathon.
  6. @MrsGadtke – Known to many across the globe as Mrs Seesaw.  Angela is the community engagement lead for the Seesaw app and ensures that what we ask for (sometimes) becomes reality.  Part of another amazing network of international educators on Twitter and Facebook.
  7. @PivotalPaul – Paul Dix needs no introduction.  His latest book on behaviour, When The Adults Change, Everything Changes, has been my goto behavior management tool this year.  Along with @JarlathOBrien my thoughts on classroom management and how we engage ALL children have been turned on their heads.
  8. @f33lthesun – No need to say anything more except I shall buy the coffee next week!
  9. @PrimaryRocks1  – I saw a tweet this week saying if you are a primary teacher and don’t follow #PrimaryRocks on Twitter then you are mad.  It’s that simple.  1 hour a week of the most intense, irrelevant (at times) and useful CPD you can get.  I draw constant inspiration from all the #PrimaryRocks gang and steal at least one idea a week that can instantly be transferred into my own classroom.
  10. @zoecaine – We’ve not met in real life (yet) but we’ve shared a lot of conversations this year. Hang in there my dear – 2018 is going to be a much better place!

Of course this list is not exhaustive and there are at least another 100 who could interchange easily with any of the 10 above.  On a weekly basis I am inspired, challenged, guided or lifted by all of the following:

@Mr_P_Hillips , @vocabularyninja, @musicmind, @ictevangilist, @suecowley, @harfordsean, @womened, @debrakidd, @ST3AMCo, @Animate2Educate, @eLearning_Laura, @MrsMathia, @FeDuncs, @cazash, @caroljallen, @mini_lebowski, @etaknipsa @MissSMerrill @HealthyToolkit, @MattGovernor, @SamatSchoolwell, @MrHeadComputing, @WattsEd and a whole plethora of others.

See you all in 2018!


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