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Take it and make it better

I can make it better
For you
All day and all night..

The Whispers – I can make it better

Almost every day I see a really good idea on edu-Twitter.  A couple of years ago I would have just taken it and used it in my own classroom.  Now I set a new challenge, “Take it, use it, make it better”.

The value of this was brought home to me after my session at Lead Learn Lancs 17 a couple of weekends ago.  One person who had taken an interest in an app I demonstrated posted something on Twitter that made me think.  I had given them access to my Seesaw test account to have a fiddle.  They immediately saw the promise in something I had posted as a test and set out to make it better for their class.  The results were amazing, which then set me thinking about how I could make that idea better for my class.

So, here’s the deal.  Many educators are sharing great practice all the time.  If you see something you like; TAKE IT, USE IT, MAKE IT BETTER.  If you do, make sure you tag the originator of the idea on Twitter and show them how you’ve made it better.  We all have it in us to inspire someone else…

Oh, and just for the groove…


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