My New Year’s Revolution


3 years ago I set of on this amazing journey to become a teacher.  I left my comfortable life behind and decided that this was what I really wanted to do.  Never before have I felt this sense of drive but I am now in a position to really focus what I want to achieve in my classroom full of little minds.

For those who don’t know, I work in a very small school in rural Northumberland.  We don’t have any EAL, no children from what would be classed as a non-white European background and low numbers of SEND children.  Now this is fairly consistent with most other schools in our situation and the general OFSTED criticism is the lack of opportunity to experience cultural diversity within the school day.

I intend to change this and technology will be my enabler.

At the end of last term I, along with some colleagues around the country (and Europe) used Google Hangouts to call each other’s classrooms and sing Christmas carols.  The effect was immediate – children were happily singing to people all over the country without batting an eyelid.  Children could see that there were different faces looking back at them but understood that they were fundamentally just the same as them; children, looking to be inspired and made that little bit cleverer than they were at the beginning of the day.

So I intend to carry this on.   Once a week I would like to be joined by another class from somewhere different around the country (or the world, let’s not artificially cap this).  We may have a proper lesson, we may sing some songs or we may just share some ideas about what makes our school different to another one.

The possibilities with this kind of technology are endless.  We must make more use of it in our daily teaching.

Want to come and join in the revolution?


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